Application Procedure

Applications to the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation:

London: All applications to the London office must be made on the form provided by the Foundation and sent by e-mail.
For the application form for our regular grants, please click here.
For the application form for the Butterfield Awards, please click here.
Tokyo: To apply to the Tokyo office, please e-mail the contact address below. Please do not use the application form above.

Enquiries and applications should be addressed as follows:

In the UK:

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

Dilke House, 1 Malet Street,
London WC1E 7JN
+44 20 7436 9042

In Japan:

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation

The Nippon Foundation Bldg 4F
1-2-2 Akasaka Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052
03 6229 5465
03 6229 5467


Trustees make the final decisions on awards at meetings held in London three times a year (normally March, May and November) and Tokyo twice a year (normally April and October).

Deadlines for these meetings are as follows:

London: December 15th for a decision in early March
March 31st for a decision by the end of May
September 15th for a decision in early November
Tokyo: February 28th for a decision by the end of April
September 30th for a decision by the end of October

Likelihood of success

Normally there are requests for up to three times the amount of money available for grants. About 75% of applicants receive grants, but often much less than requested. The acceptance of an application by the Foundation does not imply any commitment to make an award and applicants should not plan in the expectation that they will receive a grant. The Foundation cannot be responsible for any loss or embarrassment caused in the event that no grant is awarded, or that the sum awarded is smaller than originally hoped.

The Foundation will not award grants retrospectively for completed or current projects, so applications should be for future activity. Grants cannot be offered in advance of the awards meetings as applications are assessed competitively on their merits by the committee of Trustees in relation to the amount of funding available.


Shortly after each Awards Meeting, the Foundation advises all applicants in writing of the result of their application. Those offered grants are asked to sign, complete and return an acceptance form and are given an opportunity to say when they would like to receive their grant. The Foundation is unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Conditions of award

A condition of receiving a grant is that a brief report on the project or event should be sent to the Foundation within three months of completion. This should demonstrate that the grant has been spent on the purpose for which it was awarded and provide evidence of the projectís success and impact. A post project report form is sent once the grant has been paid, and the report should be submitted with a breakdown of the grant expenditure. The Foundation expects to receive acknowledgment of its assistance in any published material and welcomes lively reports accompanied by photographs where possible.