UK-Japan Global Seminar Series

Held in partnership with Chatham House and The Nippon Foundation, this five-year project (2013–17) has examined the ways in which the UK and Japan – two nations that share wide-ranging international interests and perspectives – are adapting to a changing world.

The objective of the UK–Japan Global Seminar series has been to explore how the UK and Japan can work together more effectively to address a number of critical challenges that the world is currently facing in the economic, security and social spheres

The UK–Japan Global Seminar series has convened an annual conference, held alternately in London and Tokyo, to discuss these shared concerns and identify practical ways to deepen UK–Japan cooperation. The project has also produced a series of publications and hosts discussion groups to provide opportunities for policy experts, analysts and decision-makers from both countries to assess their respective approaches to a range of challenges.

The final output from the project is a report drawing on the key themes and ideas discussed over the five years of the project, as well as incorporating (as authors) some of the individuals that have previously participated in the series. The report is available here: https://www.chathamhouse.org/2019/05/uk-and-japan

For further reports and recordings from the series: https://www.chathamhouse.org/about/structure/asia-programme/uk-japan